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Emerose Indonesia Overview

Brief Overview - PT Emerose Indonesia


 PT. Emerose Indonesia is established to carry out the following vision and mission:


The corporate vision is to become a competitive, qualified  and competent Trading  and Retail Company by having well managed resources and networks both in domestic and International. Manage to become a leading local trading and retail distribution’ company by providing complementary growth services – including retail distribution and management consulting. Provide the highest quality management and services that consistently exceed clients’ expectations and our competitors’ capabilities.


- To do general trading in various good quality of commodities.
- To conduct domestic and overseas businesses.
- To serve our clients satisfaction completely and competitively.
- To meet all expectations of the stakeholders and clients.
- To participates and contributes in developing of national economy.


Foreign companies wishing to sell their products in Indonesia are required to appoint an Indonesian agent or distributor pursuant to Ministry of Trade (MOT) Regulation No. 36/1977. The registration of an Indonesian agent or distributor with the Directorate of Business Development and Company Registration at the MOT is mandatory under MOT Regulation II/M-DAG/PER/3/2006.

The services of an aggressive, active Indonesian agent or distributor can be an important means of expanding sales in Indonesia because they know the cultural minefields and systemic processes that foreigners need years to begin to master. Many Indonesian importers do not specialize in particular product lines, and represent multiple foreign manufacturers and product lines. Generally, however, large conglomerates establish discrete company units that tend to specialize around a product range. Medium and smaller importers tend to specialize in a narrow range of goods, but are not averse to adding a completely different product line if a profit can be foreseen.

Foreign principals often work out a management agreement that allows the foreign company in Indonesia to play a more active role in the marketing efforts of its Indonesian agent or distributor. In many cases, a separate agreement is signed between the expatriate personnel and their foreign employer to regulate this relationship. The tax liability of the foreign firm is limited to the income of the expatriates assigned to the representative office, while any other taxes are assessed to, and borne by, the agent.


In this globalization era, International Trade activities become crucial. Several factors which motivate in doing International Trade are commitment of management including commitment from management of competitiveness and company’s return of investment. International Trade activities consist of Export, Import and Counter Trade. Emerose Indonesia’s trading and retail distribution services assist international companies to identify, access, and market their products in Indonesia and vice versa.

PT. Emerose Indonesia as a Trading Company currently has a various business activities engaging in Export, Import, warehousing and Distribution. Conducting the business PT. Emerose Indonesia is supported by some branches outside Indonesia such as UK, US, Latvia and some other places.

In export-import activities the company has a lot experiences in marketing export-import products to worldwide markets as well as to national markets.
To run the above said activities, the company supported by enough skilled and experience employees, fully function of company organizational and solid management in order to keep in line with company's vision and mission. Also, our key management’ contacts and strategic relationships makes Emerose Indonesia gains access to the many of Indonesia’ leading retailers.


PT. Emerose Indonesia assists international companies accelerate growth opportunities in Indonesia mass market retail channels by providing market intelligence, importation licenses, warehousing, retail distribution, consulting in growth planning and management.

Our unique approach helps international companies effectively plan, prepare, import and execute mass market retail channel strategies, while providing the support necessary to achieve enduring success.

Formed in 2009, PT. Emerose Indonesia is comprised of a team with deep and varied expertise in executive management, logistics, warehousing, retailing and marketing, financial management and mass market channel sales. 
Our Management Team is led by Mr. Michael Sendow and supported by our senior executives and advisors.

Our business is focused on addressing two related challenges in the trading and retail market.  On one hand, Indonesian retailers struggle to secure new products and suppliers that can give them a competitive edge, while having the resources to scale nationally.  And on the other hand, promising international consumer products companies struggle to gain access and credibly sell into large, complex Indonesian retailers.

Besides working with various international companies, PT. Emerose Indonesia has also been appointed by the Honorary Consulate of Latvia in Indonesia to specifically address these two market challenges for Latvian businesses and products into Indonesian retail market. 

We offer our companies trading and retail distribution services designed to penetrate Indonesia' mass market accounts, and the management consulting necessary to execute rapid, mass market growth.

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    • Address: Sentra Pemuda Kav 5, Jalan Pemuda No. 61, Jakarta 13220, Indonesia
    • Tel (ID): +62 21 300 50009
    • Tel (LV): +371 6616 3250
    • Tel (UK): +44 20 3608 0544
    • Tel (US): +1 213 394 2851
    • Fax (ID): +62 21 300 50050
    • Fax (LV): +371 6616 3345
    • Fax (UK): +44 20 3608 0545
    • Fax (US): +1 213 394 2934
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